International Mr. Leather

This Year's Judges

Patrick Smith is International Mr. Leather 2015, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015 and Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2015.

Active in politics, Patrick’s focus as International Mr. Leather is on international and domestic LGBT political activism. He has traveled the world with his sash to countries spanning Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean to meet with prominent LGBT activists and to learn about how western society can make a difference. His writing on LGBT issues has been published by The Advocate, HIV Equal and Bear World Magazine. He also served as assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Patrick first came to Los Angeles in 2011 from his hometown of Winnipeg, Canada, to pursue his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. There he fell in love with the Los Angeles leather community and has been active ever since.

Patrick’s community service work includes fundraising for the Point Foundation, Sexual Minorities Uganda, the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and other organizations in support of the global LGBT community.

Patrick lives in the historically significant Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles home of the Black Cat demonstrations of 1967 with his husband and love of his life, Michael. He currently works as Director of Business Development for Marvel Studios.

Los Angeles, Ca

A native Bostonian, Joe has been active in leather & rubber for more than 20 years. Ingrained with a do good attitude, Joe has a long history of community involvement and service; most notably as Executive Director of an AIDS service organization for well over a decade, founding the safe play education focused Leather Community Outreach Project, serving as Mr. Boston Leather 2008 and founding the Mr. New England Leather Weekend.

As an artist, Joe’s passions lay with music and design. Under the DJ/Producer moniker M.Arana," he has created the dark sound track to many a sweat filled night with his international live performances. Releasing his seventh original album this year, Joe will keep busy with album release parties as well as his own FK Sessions party series.

Joe is the mastermind and creative director of Full Kit Gear, New England’s premiere fetish and fashion retailer. Now with the original Provincetown location in Massachusetts as well as their new Chicago flagship store, Joe founded, runs and co-owns the growing brand with a longtime friend and cohort with whom he also spearheads various education and charitable efforts.

Joe is honored to be serving as a judge for International Mr. Leather and wishes all the contestants a fulfilling experience.

Provincetown, Ma

Jeff Gruenberger had his introduction to the Leather Culture over 18 years ago with his first trip to IML in 1998, and spent the next couple years as a Leatherman on-the-fringes until he attended his first fetish party in 2000. Years of slow growth and doing more listening rather than talking took a major leap forward when he joined the Argonauts of Wisconsin L/L Club in Green Bay, WI in 2010 and was named the club’s Mr. Northwoods in 2011. Jeff is a Top 20 Finalist from IML 34 but far more importantly, developed amazing friendships and true bonds that continue through today.

Taking his IML experiences truly to heart, Jeff began to realize that most complaints of apathy or non-action will continue unless there is a catalyst to make a change. Driven by the inspiration from his IML Judge Dave Watts and the Mr. Friendly campaign, Jeff started the Team Friendly Wisconsin mission in 2012, to bring the message of hunting down stigma against HIV/AIDS to Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, and throughout Wisconsin. Traveling across the state, he realized that the Wisconsin Leather Community was missing a unifying identity that many surrounding states and regions had. In 2013, he created, and continues to be the Executive Producer of the Mr. Wisconsin Leather Event Weekend, which seeks to provide a source for fetish/kink education, an understanding of what leather is, and a celebration of the Wisconsin Leather Community and Badger StateKink Pride. His continued mission to support and encourage Wisconsin titleholders and share his leather pride has also led to him co-founding the Wisconsin Band of Brothers, along with the first MRWL titleholder, TC Hammond. He most recently was awarded the 2015 Great Lakes Region Pantheon of Leather Award, an award he shares with his fellow Wisconsin Leather Brothers and Sisters. He is also a member of the Titans of the Midwest and a new associate member of the Panthers L/L Club of Atlanta.

Jeff currently resides in Atlanta, where he continues to explore his journey with a Southern kink twist, while maintaining his ties to the Midwest. He is a former Fire/EMS Company Lieutenant and currently is a clinical specialist in an oncology/hematology clinic. In his free time, Jeff enjoys weightlifting, traveling, is an avid civil war and military history buff and spending time with family, friends, and his boyfriend.

Atlanta, Ga

Derek joins the IML judging panel from Minneapolis, MN where he and his partners Josh and Craig live, work, and fuck. Derek has been active in the Twin Cities leather community for a number of years and in 2010 he produced "Leather Eye for the Preppy Guy" in Minneapolis to introduce a new generation of kinksters to the leather community. He has since been recognized for his work in the leather community by the Atons of Minneapolis and selected by the Twins Cities LGBT community as a Lavender Magazine "Fab Community Member." He has judged numerous leather and rubber contestants throughout the U.S.

As a community activist, Derek is a former social network tester for the Minnesota AIDS Project, works with the Aliveness Project, raises money for HIV/AIDS related organizations and is an HIV/AIDS educator. He is also the founder of Team Friendly Minnesota and a founding leader of the North Star Kennel Club.

In November 2011, Derek won the Mr. Minneapolis Eagle contest and represented the Twin Cities leather community at International Mr. Leather. After stepping aside from his MME title, Derek stepped up as a producer of the Mr. Minneapolis Eagle contest weekend.

Minneapolis, Mn

Living life and taking on those who seek to understand how we got here and where we might be going on this magical journey we call Leather. Daddy Jeff can best be described as a survivor. Starting in 1981, he has survived producing way too many fundraisers and contests, serving on numerous boards and committees, being a neighborhood activist, a historian, managing a large nightclub , owning a leather shop, holding two leather titles, Cancer, and living with HIV. He has survived and thrived with the help of his partner of 23 years, Dan "Puppy" Daniels.

Daddy Jeff is the Founder of Seattle Men in Leather (1989), Seattle's largest Men’s Club, a Manager of The Cuff Complex (retired after 20 years) and owner of Doghouse Leathers, the Northwest's premier leather shop. Currently, he is the Executive Director of Cascadia Leather Rising Productions (NW Puppy/Handler).

He has been working with the clubs and titles for over 30 years now. Jeff was Seattle Leather Daddy 1998 and Seattle Leather Grand Dad 2012. He is a member of Mama’s Family, LA&M, and is the Patriarch of the Bear Clan. Daddy Jeff is the proud handler for Pup Ares-Maverick.

Seattle, Wa

Penelope’s a saucy little minx who will drive you insane with her naughtiness and cheek! A published author of erotic poetry and lover of all things mathematical and historical, she loves to share her life adventures to help others possibly navigate a sometimes overly political world, and find happiness in kink and leather!

Penny currently holds the title of Women’s International Leather Legacy 2015, she’s the Vice President of Tulsa girls of Leather, the Volunteer Coordinator for Twisted in Tulsa, and has helped organize volunteers for the past 9 years at Tribal Fire as well as several other events in the recent past.

Penelope self identifies as...wait for it— herself. There really isn’t a label that describes her fully, so she’s known as the slave that wasn’t. For the past 8 years, she has been blessed to be a part of a Leather-Family that spans across states and even countries. Penelope’s been spanking it since 1996, and has no plans of stopping any time soon!

Norman, Ok

Steve is originally from Toronto, Ontario but has made his home in Atlantic Canada for the past 20 years. He had always been interested in leather and secured his love of all things leather and kinky when he entered Toronto’s leather bar 18 East which later became the ToolBox. Since then, he has been involved in the Leather community as a fundraiser, advocate and activist.

With his move to Atlantic Canada in the mid 90’s, Steve formed The Moncton Leather Chapter in 2001 which opened the door to many persons that had not had an outlet for their hidden love of leather. He became involved with the Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Society and went on to represent Atlantic Canada at IML XXIV as M.A.C.Leather 2002. He served on their Board of Directors for many years and was the Eastern Canada Director of The Canadian Leather Alliance. He’s involved himself with AIDS NB, The Crisis And Referral Agency Helpline and various PRIDE events throughout all Atlantic Canada and other areas of Canada.

He is very proud to be 1 of 4 "Canadian Leather Sons" of the late Mr. Thom Dombkowski who was Head Judge of IML for 10 years and a mentor to many until his passing in 2006. It is through his Leather Dad, Thom, that he increased his motivation for educating and mentoring others who’ve wanted to learn or become involved in the leather/kink lifestyle. This is what he finds most rewarding.

Steve has produced, judged, MC’d and volunteered at numerous leather competitions and events throughout Atlantic Canada and Upper Canada including having judged at MLO competitions. His travels have taken him to MAL, ABW, MLT, a number of U.S. cities and he was very pleased to have judged Mr. & Ms. Olympus Leather.

He is a 4 time nominee with The Pantheon of Leather awards, has volunteered at 2 past IMLs and is honoured being "Mama’s Maritime Sir," of Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt’s Family.

His involvement in leather has led to several other events and opportunities within his community which he keeps busy with to this day.

New Brunswick, Canada

John was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1963. Since he was very young, he had a love of rubber gear which later developed into an interest in leather.

In 2011 following a stroke, John retired from his full-time job of over 30 years with Revenue in Dublin (Internal Revenue.) He will be the first to say he has been very lucky with his recovery.

Over the last 15 years he has been involved with various gay fetish groups in Ireland and has volunteered and help organise and run many of them. Early in 2013, he was delighted when Eamon Redmond, the founder of Geared Ireland, asked John to get involved in helping at the events and he subsequently became Secretary of Geared Ireland.

As Secretary, he has travelled to many fetish events representing Geared Ireland. John is honoured to have been nominated for an X-Award and to have been asked to be a tally-Master at the Mr. Leather Belgium event in Antwerp in February 2016.

John cannot put into words how proud he is to have been asked to be a Judge at IML this year. In John’s own words: he is Irish, Gay and a Fetishist. In that order!

Dublin, Ireland

Michael has been into leather and kink for most of his life, right out of Chicago Illinois. He’s most proud of his relationship as Master of slave Angie for over twelve years, forging a Master/slave relationship based on service, leather, responsibility, love, duty and respect. He continues to learn daily what it means to be a Master and a leatherman; he never stops exploring the potential within himself. His passion is to encourage others to explore the same potential in themselves and also presents on M/s and BDSM topics worldwide.

Michael is honored to be International Master 2014. He is also co-recipient of the 2015 Jack Stice Memorial Award and 2015 Pantheon Couple of the Year award. He is currently the co-director of MAsT: Greater Chicago, Assistant Regional Director of the Great Lakes MAsT region and full member of the Chicago Leather Club.

His passions include riding Harleys, bourbon, cigars, being a geek, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and living an amazing Life with his slave. Although that last one gives him the most gray hairs.

Chicago, Il

This Year's Tallymasters

Don has been involved in the Leather Community for over 20 years and came out into leather while living in Ohio, where he was a full member of the Centurions of Columbus and an Associate Member of Trident International Columbus and the Iron Eagles. In 2002, he became the first Great Lakes Leather Sir and remained involved with the Great Lakes Leather Alliance ("GLLA") weekend for nearly a decade in various roles including contest coordinator. Since 2007, he has been a contest coordinator for the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy ("ILSb") contest and also was a member of the IML contestant handling staff since 2008 before he and his partner Mark relocated to South Florida in 2014.

He has judged, emceed and presented at many events throughout the country and in 2010, was awarded the Pantheon of Leather Great Lakes Regional Award, and, in 2013, he was presented with the inaugural Chuck Windemuth Mr. Chicago Leather Mentorship Award. He is extremely proud to be an Associate Member of the Chicago Hellfire Club.

Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Dominion ONYX is an architect, writer, blogger, and most importantly, a Leatherman. He is the immediate past President of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of ONYX, the National Leather Fraternity for Gay and Bisexual Men of Color. His goal is to educate all people, particularly Men of Color, on the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community, and to share the love that he has always been shown. Dominion spearheaded ONYX’s partnership with Widener University’s PhD Human Sexuality Program, which exposes future clinicians and educators to the Leather community. He has helped ONYX raise over $15,000 for Mama’s Family, SMYAL, Ali Forney Center, Scarlett’s Foundation, Eagle Wings, MAST, and Brother Help Thyself. Dominion has taught classes on Spanking, Flogging, Nipple Play, Electro-Play, and Assplay. He flags Hunter Green, Teal, Red, Light and Dark Pink, Fuschia, and Yellow, all on the left side.

Dominion is the moderator and co-host of Reali-TEA, a weekly radio show tackling the biggest stories in the world of pop culture, celebrity, politics, and sex with an Urban LGBT Twist, exclusively on He offers humorously cruel observations on the world of Black and Latino gay porn, dating, and life in general on his the blog, Dominion's Opinions, available on, and he writes a column for entitled Adventures in Black Leather. Dominion is also the author of Alex and Alonzo: A Love Story, the erotic/romantic/pornographic tale of two men who meet one night on train to work, available on Amazon.

Washington, DC
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