International Mr. Leather

This Year's IML Judges

David “Tigger” Bailey is proud to serve our diverse communities as your current International Mister Leather 2016. He also has the distinct dual honor of being both the oldest leatherman to earn the IML title and the first from New Jersey where he served as Mr. New Jersey Leather 2016.

A Massachusetts native, Tigger grew up on the east coast and came out in the leather scene in 1984 while attending MIT where he graduated with a degree in Management Science. Tigger slowly migrated west from Boston and has called New Jersey home for the past 15 years. He is privileged to have found 3 amazing men to love unconditionally and build a strong non-traditional family (2 Sirs, 2 boys, and lots of lube).

Tigger shares his polyamorous life openly and empowers others to live in a way that is truly authentic, regardless of boundaries or norms. He is a proud collared Sir to his leather family where public service is valued and encouraged. His message of leather, love, service and family has inspired conversation and reexamination of what it means to be a kinky leather person in a time of hetero-normative pressure to assimilate. And, more importantly, how we accept the authenticity of every individual in our community without judgment, shame or exclusion.

Howell, NJ

Nick Elliott has been called lots of things in his lifetime, but never "boring." Nick was International Mr. Bootblack 2012, and while he's hung up his sash, he still does boots all over the country at different events and bars, and he believes that by taking care of your leather, he's taking care of you.

Nick is a US Army Veteran who lives in Portland, Oregon. He has a wife, a boyfriend in Edinburgh, and a couple of Daddies on the side. Nick describes himself as a bi-poly-pagan-kinky-gamer-geek (or "slut" for short). He switches for impact and rough body play and loves to bite. He is also turned on by bears, armpits, gloves, and cigars. And is available during IML Weekend - - when not judging (which his dear friend Sarah thinks is a ridiculous hope).

Portland, OR

Lance Holman has been a San Francisco Bay Area resident for over 20 years and began his leather journey in the heart of the Castro. Lance holds the title of Mr. San Francisco Leather 2010, Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2010 and also enjoys the honor of being named First Runner Up at International Mr. Leather 2010. He also was selected Leather Alliance 2010 Man of the Year for his active support and work in the kink community.  He believes in the virtues of Honor, Passion and Pride and continues to share these qualities through playful compassion and wreaking divine pleasure.

When he is not playing, he is involved in a number of community activities. This has included production of Leather Walk in conjunction with Folsom Street Events; Serving on the executive board for the AIDS Emergency Fund board; Serving on the board for the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund; and producing a monthly event to foster positive sexual interaction in addition to supporting organizations such as Leather Pride Contingent, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, AIDS Lifecycle and Toys for Tots. He also has emceed or served as a judge for events such as International Leather Sir/Boy, the San Francisco Leather Alliance weekend, Northern California Leather Sir/boy, Palm springs Leather, Mr. Powerhouse Leather, and the Black Coalition on AIDS and other events across the US.

San Francisco, CA

Aaron M. Laxton is an award-winning activist, writer and Leatherman. Diagnosed with HIV on June, 6 2011, he set out to share his story with the world. His YouTube channel, “My HIV Journey,” has been viewed in over 138 countries, by more than a million viewers. His advocacy has been recognized by the Advocate in 2013, who named Aaron in their list of “40 under 40”. That same year he received recognition in the POZ100 Unsung Heroes in HIV as well as being awarded the Pantheon of Leather- Midwest Regional Award for his work in the community. He has worked to help prepare many Leather men as they have embarked on their journey to IML. Personally he has competed in Mr. Midwest Leather and he has served as tally master for Mr. Missouri Leather. Other honors include Top 10 Social Health Makers (2014), WEGO Health Activist Trailblazer of the Year (2012) and ADAP Advocacy Association’s Social Media Campaign of the Year (2103). He has been featured in the documentary “Live Bold, Live Now” and the CDC’s the “HIV Treatment Works” campaign.

Aaron is a veteran of the U. S. Army- “Airborne” and is currently completing his Master’s in Social Work from Saint Louis University. For the past five years, he has worked with veterans who are homeless. Currently he oversees several programs for individuals who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. He has written extensively regarding social norms as they pertain to the leather community, substance abuse trends and other time-relevant topics that the leather community has faced.

His own journey in leather has taken him from bars and clubs into the streets to protests on behalf of LGBT equality issues as well as issues pertaining to Black Lives Matter and the Transgender community. Aaron and his leather can be seen marching in the streets against oppression, bigotry and hate and it is his belief that decades of philanthropy and community service, which started within the bars and clubs is needed now, more than ever. Leather has always been a political statement since participation in our community stands in the face of the establishment. Act Up, Fight Back, End AIDS! He is a proud member of Mama’s Family, pinned as “Mama’s Kinky Educator”. Aaron and his husband live in Saint Louis, Missouri with their bio-pup, Oliver.

St. Louis, MO

Tina MacKay is a founding Board member of CLAW with a lifetime term on the CLAW Board of Directors.  She has been an important part of CLAW planning and management every year since 2003, and was the Deputy Executive Director of CLAWs 12-16.

Tina lives just south of Cleveland with Walter, her husband of 28 years, who also plays a huge role at CLAW every year, including building and running CLAW’s dungeon spaces and cigar tents.  They have donated thousands of volunteer hours to CLAW and other charitable works. Tina and Walter have raised three beautiful daughters, now in their twenties, each a wonderful and free thinking woman. 

For more than thirty years, Tina has made a living buying and selling vintage clothing.  For four years she owned and operated a Goth clothing store in Cleveland called Grave Wear.

Some of her leather community involvement in addition to CLAW:
  • Organ Grinders Ball (mostly straight annual fetish event in Cleveland) 3 years as sponsor, and volunteer , co-producer
  • NAIL leather club, full member for 4 years, first woman, still an alumni member
  • Judging contests:  Ohio LS/b, Mr Michigan Leather, Mr. Leather6410, Mr. Akron Leather, Mr. Deco Leather, Miss Cleveland Leather, Stuebenville, others
  • Mr. Cleveland Leather volunteer, and co-producer
  • Producer of Mr. Cross Over leather, feeder to Mr. Cleveland 
  • Volunteer for Cleveland Pride & Dancing in the Streets (big party fundraiser for the LGBT Center)
  • Co-Producer of small events during Pride & Dancing in the Streets
  • Biggest Load food Drive: Head of Team CLAW
  • John Brittain Food Drive -- Head of Team CLAW 2 years (we won both years Pantheon of Leather GREAT LAKES REGIONAL AWARD 2013 Winner
Cleveland, OH

Patty is a butch leatherdyke who has been involved in the Leather Community for over 15 years. Born and raised in upstate NY, Patty has been happily transplanted in Toronto for over a decade where she is a dual Canadian-US citizen and lives with her super hot wife. She is honoured to hold the titles of International Ms. Leather 2014, Ms. Leather Toronto 2014 and Ms. Northbound Leather 2013.

Patty served on the boards of the So You Want to Be Kinky educational series and the International Ms. Leather Foundation. She ran the Surge Event Series for leather/kinky women and trans people in Toronto and created the “Surge: Images of Power & Pleasure” calendar as fundraiser. She has presented workshops on mummification and spanking and has co-hosted experiential “novice nights." Additionally, Patty co-developed and regularly presents workshops on suicide/mental health first aid for the puppy and kink/leather communities. One of her other continued passions is working on behalf of Rainbow Railroad, raising funds to help LGBT individuals find safe haven from state sanctioned violence, murder and persecution.

Patty was awarded the 2012 Heart of the Flag Federation Volunteer of the Year Award, the 2015 Heart of the Flag Federation Leather Pride Award, and two Pantheon of Leather Awards (Woman of the Year 2015, Community Choice Woman 2015). In 2016, she was honoured to be one of the Grand Marshals for the Toronto Leather Pride March.

She is a founding member of the Heart of the Flag Federation, an associate member of ONYX, member of the Vajra Leather Family and is Mama’s Canadian Uncle Patty.

Toronto, Canada

Matt Wolf is still yet an Infant in the Leather and Fetish Community, even though he has done so much. Since Matt won his title of Mr. Gulf Coast Florida Leather 2009 which he has not stepped aside from, he has worked hard on being part of the Community as a whole. He saw the need of unifying the many factions in the local community (Gay, Lesbian, and Pansexual). He was groundbreaking in his attempt of unifications in the Tampa Bay Area in Creating the Tampa Bay Leather Tribe which brought the Leaders of all the Local Clubs and Organizations together to discuss learn and grow. With the Help of his new found Brothers and Sisters, Matt was the Dreamer and Driving force on creating Tampa Bay Leather 'n' Fetish Pride.

Matt wanted to help bridge the gap between the leather and drag community by holding the first ever, in this area, a Leather Turnabout (present on stage in Leather Persona and turn into Drag King and Queens and perform within 30 min). Matt believes that only together (Drag, Gay, Lesbian, and Pansexual) will we survive. Since the growth of Tampa Bay Leather n Fetish Pride was widely accepted The Tribe Renamed the event to Florida Leather and Fetish Pride where it has worked on unity in the State of Florida. Matt says he will always be around when someone needs him and will be there to help when he can.

Largo, FL

Phillip Wolf, more popularly known as Boymeat, is a native New Yorker. Discovering The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) at the age of 19, he quickly became an active participant and presenter in the New York SM scene. A former TES board member, he has held or holds memberships with the now defunct Gay Male SM Activists (GMSMA), the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and the Leather Archives & Museum. He also was active with New York’s Leather Pride Night Committee.

Best known for his outreach to the younger members of our community, in 1999 he co-created the concept of The Next Generation (TNG), aspecialized group serving young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in SM. Boymeat was the co-founder of both TES-TNG and GMSMA-TNG, groups that helped kick off the national TNG movement. He also helped organize the first 3 national TNG conferences – Chickenstock in 1999, Second Coming in 2002, and TNG3: BDSM in the Big City in 2003. He has presented on TNG and other issues at multiple Leather Leadership Conferences. Though aged out of his own creation, he continues to serve as a resource for TNG group leaders and activists across the US.

Also known as a SM educator, he has taught at almost every major educational event in the United States. He has taught SM, role play, fetishes, and relationships at TES Fest, Black Rose, South Plains Leather Fest, Dungeon 701-901, Portland Kinkfest, and many others. He has also been asked to teach to students at New York University and Columbia University. Finally, he presented keynote speeches at SM Odyssey’s Folsom Fringe 2007, Rio Grande Leather 2007, TNG4: Bound for the Bay in 2008, and South Plains Leatherfest 2012.

Phil also has had experience on the other end of the education spectrum as a Program Director. He put together the educational program for TES’ 35th anniversary event, with over 150 classes on SM, power dynamics, and spirituality. He then went on to be the Program Chair for TES Fest 2008 and all three editions of FetFest in Maryland.

Boymeat is honored to have experience on the title circuit as a judge both at Ms. World Leather 2006 and South East Leatherfest 2007. In addition, he appreciates the chutzpah it takes to run for a title, having run for Gotham Leatherman 2000. He served as Tallymaster for IML 2008 and IMsL 2014 & 2016, leading to a staff position with IMsL as Head Tallymaster. Being asked to be a Judge for International Mr. Leather 2017 is the culmination of his leather dreams and he is humbled and extremely thankful for the honor.

A bisexual, polyamorous switch, with a penchant for foot fetishism, incest role play and piss play, Boymeat is rumored to be the quite the sadist. An aspirational handcuff collector and leather history slut, he is the man who said "makes the Marquis de Sade look like Pat Boone." He happily resides in New York with his fantastic wife, Kathryn Tact-Wolf, and two cats. Also, his wife is amazing. #thatisall

New York, NY

Esa found his inner fetish guy when he was 21. He immediately knew he had found his real brothers after taking part few years later in the Finlandization 2004 – a summer fetish party held annually in Helsinki. He has been an active member of MSC Finland - Tom's Club (Finland’s leather/fetish men’s club) for over ten years. He was first a board member, then a secretary, and now this is his third year as the President of MSC Finland. He was one of the main organizers of the annual general meeting of ECMC in Helsinki 2016. He and his team took good care of the guests from all over Europe and they hosted a fantastic fetish weekend and the Mr. Leather Europe 2016 competition. Year 2016 was the 40th anniversary year for MSC Finland - Tom’s Club, full of projects and events.

Esa has been successfully running his own business for almost six years and he is also one of the founders and an active member of the Pinkit Yrittäjät (HLBTIQ-entrepreneurs’ society in Finland). His main fetishes are leather and rubber, and he is a complete Adidas sneaker freak.

Helsinki, Finland

This Year's Bootblack Judges

Erick Joseph is proud to have served the community as the first-ever Alaska State Bootblack and now currently as International Mr. Bootblack 2016! His passion for bootblacking stems from his discovery of all things leather at the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles located in downtown Anchorage. For Erick, bootblacking is a fulfilling form of service to his community as well as a way of helping others preserve the positive energy of their leathers. Most importantly, he enjoys the sexiness and connection that a good boot scene can encompass.

Erick’s goal is to continue to cultivate and promote the Bootblack Community while bringing a FUN and positive face to the International Mr. Bootblack title.  He enjoys traveling, meeting others and creating bonds with community members for future endeavors. He describes himself as a dedicated, hardworking, loyal, and FUN Bootblack with a special interest in service and blacking from the lap! 

David Hawks has been involved in the leather community since 1979 when he snuck into the DC Eagle at the age of 17. It took several years for the shock to wear off and for him to realize he belonged there. His focus was on his home community of Richmond, Virginia until winning the Mid-Atlantic Bootblack title in 2000 and then going on to win the International Mr. Bootblack title that same year. Best known for his work in bringing visibility to bootblacks, he went on to become the co-ordinator of the International Mr. Bootblack competition where he proudly served his community and is credited for making some of the most significant changes to the IMBB competition since its inception. After retiring from his very public life, he now lives with his Daddy outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. David is currently very busy renovating a 140 year old farmhouse, gardening, canning and preserving and building a more sustainable life and future for his family.


Elisa is International Ms Bootblack 2017, 2016 Great Lakes Bootblack and 2015 Michigan Community Bootblack, and she is a founder of the Detroit Area Bootblacks’ Laboratory. She is a member of the gender-inclusive Michigan Band of Brothers and holds leadership positions in the Board of Education, a kinky, pansexual educational organization in metro Detroit.

She is a radical sexual outlaw who disdains hierarchy and who is best described as a contrarian leather anarchist. She is a body positive, polyamorous feminist. She is a fuzzy femme piglet who demands authentic and intimate relationships that involve degradation, objectification and pain done with love and affection.


This Year's Tallymasters

Don has been involved in the Leather Community for over 20 years and came out into leather while living in Ohio, where he was a full member of the Centurions of Columbus and an Associate Member of Trident International Columbus and the Iron Eagles.  In 2002, he became the first Great Lakes Leather Sir and remained involved with the Great Lakes Leather Alliance (“GLLA”) weekend for nearly a decade in various roles including contest coordinator. Since 2007, he has been a contest coordinator for the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy (“ILSb”) contest and also was a member of the IML contestant handling staff since 2008 before he and his partner Mark relocated to South Florida in 2014.

He has judged, emceed and presented at many events throughout the country and in 2010, was awarded the Pantheon of Leather Great Lakes Regional Award, and, in 2013, he was presented with the inaugural Chuck Windemuth Mr. Chicago Leather Mentorship Award. He is extremely proud to be an Associate Member of the Chicago Hellfire Club.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

A member of the Titans of the Midwest, and the Onyx Pearls South East, Luck Markstone, Ms. Iowa leather 2015 identifies as a daddies girl and pup. Luck advocates and represents the idea of individuality, being true to ones' self, and thinking outside of the box. She is also adamant about promoting self expression. She flags red, hunter green and navy blue on the right, and fuchsia on both. She has been afforded the opportunity to judge contests from Iowa Leather Weekend, to other events such as Tristate Leather, and Twin Cities Leather Weekend. Luck currently serves on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend and continues to serve as an active member of her community. She is extremely honored to serve as A Tallymaster for IML 2017! 

Des Moines, IA

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