Contestant Guide – Other Information

  • Contestant Translators/Interpreters
  • Contestant Weekend Package
  • Contestant Scores
  • IML's Expectations of Winner

If you do not verbally speak and understand English, you must bring an interpreter with you. More than one interpreter is recommended due to the intense and extensive amount of communications. IML does not have the ability to provide interpreters for all contestants in need. If you cannot bring an interpreter, please contact Miguel Torres prior to May 1st for possible assistance.

Your interpreters will be given a badge that authorizes them to be with you at all times. Bring your interpreters with you to either the optional or mandatory registration. We will have a badge for them.

You must have an interpreter with you at all official events and rehearsals.

It is not necessary for you to purchase an IML Weekend Package for yourself, but will be necessary for anyone traveling with you to purchase one if they are going to participate in any Official IML Weekend events. Each contestant will receive a name badge that will allow him in to all events.

Contestant Scores; available in the Contestant holding room Monday at 11:00. If you are unable to pick up your scores and poster please inform Jeff Tucker.

IML will not give scores to anyone but the contestant himself. If circumstances prevent you from picking your scores up, contact Jeff Tucker your “Den Daddy” and arrange to have the scores sent to you.



The man selected as International Mr. Leather has no required duties. He is a free agent to do with his title as he chooses. The winner is in a position where he can use his title productively and as one of the community's perceived spokespersons, he may pursue his predecessors in achieving a goal.

We are proud to acknowledge the work done by many of our IML titleholders and we encourage this tradition to continue. The IML Travel Fund, the advice we render and the help we offer are just a few indications of International Mr. Leather's support of this tradition. We assist each of our titleholders while he attempts to achieve his goal. It is our hope that he will step-down the following year knowing that he has contributed to our community.