The Renslow Charitable Foundation announces that Leather Archives & Museum (“LA&M”) Executive Director Gary Wasdin and LA&M Board President Billy Lane will replace Randall Klett (aka Bearman) and Bill Stadt on the three-person Board of IML Operations, LLC (“IML Operations”), the entity responsible for planning, staffing, and executing International Mr. Leather weekend. We will make all the required filings for this change with the State of Illinois this week.

We understand that people are hurt and disappointed, and that their complaints over the years and over these past two weeks have not been properly communicated or addressed. We apologize for those inactions and hereby assure our commitment to a future where all people involved are heard and everyone’s good ideas are given life.

The Foundation and IML Operations will both be publishing additional communication about these matters in the coming days and weeks.

The LA&M is the sole beneficiary of IML, and IML is the largest source of funds for the LA&M. We are committed to a successful IML, this year and for years to come.

The Charles Renslow Charitable Foundation