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Welcome! Thank you for considering becoming a part of our volunteer team. Each year, over 250 volunteers donate their time to help us fill over 900 volunteer shifts over the course of 5 days. Folks who donate their time to us get the benefits of meeting fellow volunteers and interacting with the thousands of guests and participants, as well as tickets to all IML sponsored events*, helping to make it a more affordable weekend.

Think you might be interested? Check out the next tab for our job descriptions, then sign up and join us this year!

*subject to availabilty

Volunteer for IML!

Thank for your interest in joining the IML Volunteer family. Because of the huge amount of time and effort to make the weekend a success, we need volunteers such as yourself (and many others).

Below is a description about each department you can choose shifts from. To receive all the benefits provided you will need to register for a minimum of three (3) shifts, or thelve hours. Most volunteer shifts are four (4) hours in length although some are longer. For those super volunteers you can register for up to five (5) shifts maximim.

Event Transportration
Late night on a dark bus with all the folks coming from the Victory Party or Black and Blue Ball. Is this your definition of fun? Then sign on up for one of these shifts! Be advised that shifts run overnight, and volunteers will be expected to be on duty for the full shift to get full credit.
Dance Party Security
This job will take place on Saturday, May 28 at the Florentine Ballroom at the host hotel. Volunteers will be taking tickets and helping with general security. VOLUNTEERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO REMAIN AT THE DOORS FOR THE DURATION OF THE EVENT. This is an evening job, so please keep that in mind when choosing these shifts.
Day Pass
This job can go from quiet to crowded in a matter of minutes. If getting a chance to interact with many people over your shift is a bonus, this is the job for you. Some of the duties include checking ID’s, distributing wristbands, and handing out waiver forms. Those with strong cash register/cashiering experience are urged to sign up.
Event Security
If you’re looking for a chance to guarantee being involved with such events as Flashback, Opening Ceremonies, or the contest nights themselves, this is the job to consider. Duties will include crowd control, taking event tickets, monitoring doors, and other locations within the venues. Those that have theater/event ushering experience should also consider signing up.
Market Security
Duties for this job include checks for wristbands and IML credential badges at entrances to the Leather Market, monitoring the information desk within  the Market, and monitoring the doors within the Market. It’s also a chance to show off that hot new pair of chaps you just bought to everyone passing by you.
Access Pass Registration
People who choose this job will be aiding in getting visitors into the hotel for our nightly parties. These shifts will go into the evening, so be aware of that when signing up. Duties will include door security and distributing wristbands. Those with strong cash register/cashiering experience are urged to sign up.
Vendor Market Set-Up/Take Down
If you like bringing order to chaos, or lifting heavy things, these are the shifts for you. Volunteers working these shifts will be assisting with load in and load out of the Vendor Market. These shifts are also ideal for those who want to get their time in before or after the weekend itself.

Volunteers at Headquarters could end up doing anything from assisting the IML offices to manning the help desk to being sent on out of hotel for a supplies run to filling in areas that are shorthanded with the help they need. You also get to be near the water station and snacks!

The Tuesday, May 24 shifts are specifically for those that are able to help with the set up of the IML Headquarters offices. It will require the ability to lift and carry as things are unloaded from the truck and then staged and set up n the office. The ability to lift and be mobile is a must.

Staff Services
This job mainly involves contestant security, and maintaining quiet outside contestant venues inside the hotel. Staff Services volunteers will be in place during Orientation, Interviews, and other contestant focused events. To be clear, this is NOT a position good for chatting with and mingling with the contestants. You will be helping them remained focus so that they can do their best!
Registration Center
Volunteers signing up for shifts in this job will get to greet all of our weekend package holders as they arrive, and assist with distributing package materials.
Boot Black
Volunteers with a passion for Bootblacks and enjoy working the crowds, this is the job for you. You’ll be doing everything from selling raffle tickets and Bootblack merchandise to helping out at the Bootblack table, setting up boot black party, or securing the Bootblack silent auction.

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