March 15, 2020


The leadership of The Renslow Charitable Foundation and International Mr. Leather want to provide everyone with an update on our ongoing meetings to plan the safest possible course of action for our community in light of the COVID-19 virus.  We’ve determined we need additional time to explore all logistical options that will allow for a safe 2020 IML-IMBB Weekend, whether in May or another date.


We cannot yet make any definitive announcement other than we are working together with our key stakeholders to ensure the annual Family Reunion started by Chuck Renslow will continue this year and beyond. We promise to keep you up to date with all developments on and across our social media platforms as soon as possible.


We are paying close attention to local governments and following the recommendations by the National Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization and encourage everyone in the IML-IMBB Family to do the same. 


Please keep yourself and your loved ones safe and be sure to look out for each other.



International Mr. Leather and the Renslow Charitable Foundation are meeting this weekend to review the current reality presented by the Coronavirus. We will be discussing all available options currently being explored and our plan is to have an update for the community by Monday, March 16.

Everyone stay safe out there, and wash your hands!

International Mr. Leather Inc., and the Renslow Charitable Foundation are keeping close watch on the developing story of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19 or 2019-nCOV) to keep our guests as informed as possible.
We are following the procedures recommended by the World Health Organizations, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as state and local health authorities. 
At this time, IML 2020 will take place as scheduled from May 21st thru May 25th.
If the situation changes based on new information from any of the aforementioned health agencies we will promptly update you via this website and our other social media platforms.