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IML Judge 2019 - JAMES LEE


Lexington, Kentucky, United States

-International Mr. Leather 2018

James Lee is International Mr. Leather 2018. He also serves as Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017, Mr. Crossings Lexington 2017, and he is a Falsie's Stanley Leather Award winner of the Imperial Court of Kentucky. He’s a coach/choreographer for hip hop, cheerleading, and power tumbling, and he’s a friend and mentor to his athletes and their parents. His chosen and biological families are his support system and his most precious treasure. James believes that, if you "show the world your moves, who knows? You just might move the world,” and he asks, "Why chase diversity and inclusion when it should be chasing you?”



Manchester, United Kingdom

-Patron of the ECMC
-First President of Manchester Leathermen

Leather Daddy Ian Allan is Patron of the ECMC and was the first President of Manchester Leathermen. He first became involved in the Leather & fetish world in the 1960s. Working in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France for many years, Ian has a wide appreciation of the Leather, kink, SM, fetish, and LGBTQ+ community through helping and supporting local groups and clubs. With the emergence of AIDS, Ian has worked to create better awareness and understanding of what the illness is and means to those who are HIV Positive. Friendship and fellowship stand high in Ian`s life. This year, Ian received the European X-Awards Lifetime Achievement Award at Leather & Fetish Pride Antwerp.



Oakland, California, United States

-Ms Los Angles Leather 1999
-Founding Five of S3C3 Chicago-based Sober Leather Club
-Founding Member of LA RAWWW
-IMsLBB Den Staff Member

Daddy Faye Foltz is Ms Los Angles Leather 1999. Her Leather Journey started in Chicago. She was part of the Founding Five of the S3C3 Chicago-based Sober Leather Club; a founding member of LA RAWW; and a member of the LOBOC M/C. Faye’s greatest joys have come from organizing and working at the community’s local level. She encourages everyone to volunteer and connect at events, and she is grateful that so many of the friends she made at IML, IMsLBB, and several other events and clubs have lasted a lifetime. Currently, Faye works with the IMsLBB Den Staff.



Chicago, Illinois, United States

-IML Volunteer Coordinator (2003-2009)
-Inferno Coordinator (2009-2012)
-President of the Chicago Hellfire Club (2014-2016)

David Katzenberg has been in the Leather, kink, and gear community for over 30 years He volunteered for IML from 1990 through 2003, and he served on the Executive Staff as Volunteer Coordinator from 2003 through 2009. He also has been involved with the Chicago Hellfire Club, one of the most significant leather clubs around. He served as Inferno Coordinator from 2009 through 2012 and President from 2014 through 2016. David continues to serve the Leather community as a well-known educator, activist, and mentor.


IML Judge 2019 - DON LEACH


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

-Chicago Hellfire Club
-Great Lakes LeatherSir 2002
-Former ILSb Contest Coordinator

In 2002, Don Leach became the first Great Lakes LeatherSIR. He has a passion for education that teaches our history and the edgier side of play, and he has produced, coordinated, judged, and presented at many events during his 25 years in the Leather community. He worked as the ILSb Contest Coordinator for several years and held the role of 2017 ILSb Head Judge. Don has also spent many years within the IML organization, first as an IML Contestant Handler and then, for the previous four Memorial Day weekends, he served as one of the IML Contest Tallymasters.


IML Judge 2019 - JOHN PONCE


Palm Springs, California, United States

-Mr. Drummer Northern California 1982

John Ponce began competing in Leather contests after the death of his partner. He is Mr. Russian River Leather 1982, Mr. Drummer Northern California 1982, and he is the IML 1982 2nd Runner Up. From 1983 to 2016, John attended IML Weekend as a vendor, and he ran the first openly-gay jewelry store in the world. John was the first jeweler to design a Rainbow Pride flag ring and a Leather Pride flag ring—profits from which he donated to various AIDS organizations. As a two-year newlywed, John is happy to spend his retirement years judging local Leather contests.

IML Judge 2019 - PRESTON "wexx" SO


New York, New York, United States

-Mr. International Rubber 20 (2017)

-Mr. New England Rubber 2016

Preston “wexx” So is Mr. International Rubber 20 (2017) and Mr. New England Rubber 2016. The first male international fetish titleholder of Asian heritage, Preston was the resident materials expert at Harvard College Munch, the BDSM student organization at his alma mater, where he educated other members about leather, rubber, and similar fetishes. A member of the New England Rubber Men, he mentors new rubberists in workshops that occur during CLAW and other events. As a rubberist of color, Preston’s mission is to rubberize the world, and he enjoys cultivating communities as a co-founder of the Mr. Rubber México and Mr. Rubber Brazil events.

IML Judge 2019 - TODD WHITE


Baltimore, Maryland, United States

-Mr. Gay United States 2005
-Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest Coordinator
-Former President of the Centaur MC

Todd White is Mr. Gay United States 2005. This, teamed with his years of involvement with the Miss America Organization, makes him no stranger to contests. Todd has been a member of the Centaur MC for 12 years. Over that time, Todd has held many offices, including club president. For the past 10 years, he has served as the Mr. MAL Contest Coordinator, and, in 2015, he received the Pantheon Award for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Todd lives by the mantra that it is better to be part of something bigger than yourself, and his time with the Centaurs has exemplified this.

IML Judge 2019 - THAY "MASTER" Z


Arlington, Texas, United States

-2004 International Master
-CEO of Butchmanns, Inc

Thay Master Z is the 2004 International Master, CEO of Butchmanns, Inc., a Leatherman, and an ordained Buddhist Monk.

Thay, which is a term for Monk, Master or Teacher, has a non-traditional family comprised of six men and women in service to him and to the world. He heads a small Zen Buddhist Temple and teaches meditation and mindfulness practices. He is also one of the primary instructors at the Butchmanns Experience, a weekend of discovery and self-actualization. Thay is certain his Leather is deeply imbedded in his Spiritual Path.



Portland, Oregon, United States

-International Mr. Bootblack 2018

International Mr. Bootblack 2018, Lucky Rebel, is originally from San Diego, California. Growing up in a motorcycle family, he developed an interest in leather early. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he serves as Mr. Oregon State Leather, 2016. When he’s not actively working on dismantling white supremacy, tearing down the patriarchy, and smashing the status quo, you can find him hustling his handmade leather care products, “Rebel Rubs and Suds.” He is honored to be an Onyx Northwest Brother and uses his influence to promote the concept that Representation Matters.



New Hope, Pennsylvania, United States

-Founder of Le Chateau Exotique, Ltd.

Joyce Berger has been a Leather Community member for over 30 years. As the founder of Le Chateau Exotique, Ltd., she feels the community’s ongoing evolution has also kept her and her business evolving—and that’s something that makes her very happy. She has always enjoyed connecting with others and watching how clothing a person can change their life. While now retired, Joyce continues to have fun getting her hands dirty. Joyce is foster mother to her daughter, Alexis, who now runs their business.


Anchorage, Alaska

International Ms. Bootblack 2019

Gretchen, International Ms Bootblack 2019 and Alaska State Bootblack 2018, is a lifelong Alaskan who identifies as a heavy masochist— the harder she's hit, the louder she giggles, all the moreso with a boot. Gretchen has played and volunteered in the Alaskan kink community since 2012, bootblacking at charity events, running a kinky book club, and even being tied up on a city sidewalk as part of a fundraising advertisement. Prior to 2012, Gretchen spent her days co-founding a medical non-profit serving the amputees of Haiti, and her nights were spent dancing flamenco. Today, she can be found connecting with her community and is both excited and honored to take on the challenge of an International title.


Tallymaster 2019 - PUP VIDHRA


New York, New York , United States

-Northeast Puppy 2017
-Founder of Ruff Pups CNKY

Pup Vidhra is Northeast Puppy 2017. He is the founder of Ruff Pups CNKY. Through Ruff Pups and, later, New York City Pups and Handlers, he has been actively involved in kink education and outreach, including leading Puppy 101 and 201 workshops since 2012. For his work in the community, Vidhra has been honored with the Midwest Puppy Contest Good Puppy Award 2012, and he was nominated for Bluegrass Leather’s Connell-Stanley Leather Person of the Year 2013. And, yes, his bite is worse than his bark.

Tallymaster 2019 - BOOTBLACK ZACH


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

-Ohio Community Bootblack 2014
-Founder of Cincinnati Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Zach is Ohio Community Bootblack 2014 and IMBB 2015 first runner up. He is a member and previous board member of the Titans of the Midwest; an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club; and a founder of the Cincinnati Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Zach is privileged to serve on staff for numerous events across the Midwest and country, including serving as a member of the IML den staff. Zach lives with his boy, where he is a System Administrator by day and a daddy bear and professional big spoon by night.